There are many sources for us to be able to find funding. Firstly, we will be applying to receive funds from the E-rate. These funds will be used to increase our infrastructure. We will need to put in new wireless access points and lots of new wiring, etc... The Erate funds can help us fund our infrastructure strengthening. We will also be applying for funds from the IMA (Instructional Material Allotment). We plan to use these funds to create and maintain our lending library for students that do not have access to devices themselves. We will also be using some of our Title funds (since we are a Title I school) to help fund our BYOD project. If we still do not have enough funding by the time we hear back from all of these sources, we will go to the school board and attempt to procure funds through bonds. We will also seek partnership with Google and see if they will send us chromebooks which we could use in our lending library or give to students that do not have acceptable devices.

Potential Costs:

- Infrastructure upgrade: this will be the most costly for the entire project

- Lending Library: We will need a lending library set up for students who do not have access to a device

- Staff member for technology support

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