Firstly and most importantly, the school will be upgrading our network capabilities. For our BYOD program to work, every student will be needing to get on the internet/network at the same time. We will be installing a fiber line that will be dedicated for the school as well as network access points in each classroom to ensure maximum accessibility.

Since this school has many ELLs, we will be using Google Classroom to have one place where teachers and students can communicate. The reason that we have chosen Google Classroom is that they have many language options. They can also store papers, assignments, etc... in Google Drive which integrates seemlessly with Google Classroom. Check out our videos page for a video about Google Classroom.

Lastly, for our students who do not have access to a device of their own, they will be able to check out Chromebooks from the school for the entire school year. They will be able to take them home and use them as their own. Students and families will have to sign a damage waiver and commit to taking care of the borrowed device.

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