Safety is always a concern when allowing children free reign of the internet. We will be using an internet filter to make it as safe as possible for our children online. According to COPPA, children under the age of 13 are not allowed to put personal information online. We will be using a system of user login that does not require students to enter in personal information to be able to log in to the internet. We will be following CIPA to the best of our abilities for your students' safety.

Cyber bullying is a huge issue these days, and we will have a clause in our AUP (acceptable use policy) that requires students and teachers to treat each other respectfully. We will also teach students that online bullying is no different than in person bullying and can be just as degrading and hurtful.

Our AUP will be something that all students, staff and teachers will have to sign. It will lay out a series of statements about how expect everyone to act online. As this is a BYOD program, many devices have their own data service (3G, or LTE). We will also have as part of our AUP a clause that requires students to use the school's WIFI while at school and that disciplinary action will result when there is failure to comply.

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